Transactional Funding

The key requirements to qualify for transactional funding are:

  • TRANSACTIONAL loans must be, business-purposed, "non-owner occupied" investor loans.
  • There must be a valid, active contract to purchase the subject property by the borrower.
  • There must be a valid, active contract to sell the subject property by the borrower.
  • The end purchaser total funds must be deposited into escrow for the B-C transaction, and all documents for the B-C transaction must be in order before any funding would occur for the A-B transaction.
  • The purchase and subsequent sale of the subject property must be scheduled and arranged as a back-to-back closing.
  • The Closing agent must be designated and/or approved by AFD
  • They should be an approved title officer, escrow officer or attorney that must be a licensed, bonded and an insured entity.

We also offer Extended
Transactional Funding.


As the name suggest, it works exactly as does transactional funding,
 except that the B-C closing need not occur right away or within 24 hours, but within a period of up to 180 days after the B-buyer (investor) first acquires the property.

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