Commercial Real Estate Faced a Year of Rental, Office Challenges

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December 31, 2020

Several commercial industries—particularly within the retail, hospitality, and office sectors—have been hard-hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. But practitioners are eagerly looking ahead to a brighter 2021 with hopes that the vaccines will allow for a return of workers to office spaces.

REALTOR® Magazine’s top five commercial articles of 2020 reveal an industry seeking new solutions during uncertain times:

  1. Tech to Keep Rental Properties Clean, Safe

As short-term renters plan vacations, technology can help property managers ensure everyone’s comfort.

  1. Real Estate’s Pandemic Pause

As office and retail sectors face ongoing pressure, a major reimagining of building spaces is underway.

  1. The Transformation of Retail Spaces to Keep Businesses Going

Changes to city policies, zoning, and leasing agreements are needed to accommodate the altered commercial landscape brought on by the pandemic.

  1. Behind the Win on Terrorism Risk Insurance

While no claims have been made, the program’s reauthorization has a vital role in ensuring stability in commercial lending.

  1. 5 Hotel Trends Influencing Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Short-term vacation rentals are working to integrate new technology and sustainability into operations and offerings.

SourceREALTOR® Magazine